Unleash Your Soccer Skills on Our Brand New Artificial Turf!

Calling all Soccer stars and footwork fanatics! Welcome to Casey's SportsWorld Arena Soccer, where the game takes center stage on our shiny new artificial turf. Renovations completed July of 2023! 🌟

Our all-new artificial turf creates the perfect canvas for your soccer magic. It's the real deal – without the divots and bumps! Rain or shine, the game goes on with our weather-resistant playing field. So, lace up your turf shoes and get ready to make some epic moves!

...and did you see those custom goals?! Whoaaa! 🀩

The Art of Arena Soccer

Get ready to showcase your fancy footwork, unleash your creativity, and master technique – all amidst the excitement of our dynamic multi-sport arena. Arena Soccer is the ultimate fusion of skill, style, and small-space play that keeps you on your toes!

Booking Made Easy

You've got options! The arena can be rented hourly or drop-in based on availability:

Hey, we've got something even better – discounts galore when you rent on a weekly basis!

Always call ahead to check daily openings and availability. The arena is the place to be, and you wouldn't want to miss out on the action!

Pro Tip

Before stepping onto the turf, make sure to wear your trusty turf shoes. They're the key to conquering the field and making those jaw-dropping plays.

Create Your Own League

Dreaming of having your very own league? We're all ears! Round up your soccer squad, and we'll help you set up weekly games and practices. Email Ryan at for more info on how to start your epic soccer league!

Get in the Game Today!