Presenting Arena Soccer at Casey's SportsWorld!

Arena Soccer creates an emphasis on improvisation, creativity, and technique as well as ball control and passing in small spaces. The all turf surface creates a dynamic and versatile experience. It allows a playable surface in all weather conditions!

The arena can be rented hourly or drop-in based on availability:

  • $100 per hour

  • $10 drop in rate

*Discounts are available when renting our arena on a weekly basis!*

Please wear turf shoes when using the Arena.

*Always call ahead to check daily openings and availability!*


We currently do not have any soccer leagues to join. However, if interested in starting a league of your own, Casey's would be happy to host and pursue a league commitment weekly over a designated amount of time.

Example: You have a group of people interested in playing weekly. We would set up a time slot for games on a weekly basis. Then you could hold practices or games at your designated time slot.

Contact for more Arena Soccer information.