'Casey at the Bat' Batting Cages

'Casey at the Bat' batting cages have been a staple in the Valley for over 30 years. Known for its unique wide open hitting area, with a 200 ft home run fence. Our batting cages were built with the idea of being able to see your batted ball go after it is hit. The open hitting area is more enjoyable than batting in a small, enclosed tunnel or cage. Casey's batting cages also use arm pitching machines so hitters can time the pitches just like a real pitcher.

We have 10 cages available:

  • 7 baseball cages with speeds ranging from 40mph to 80mph

  • 2 slow pitch softball

  • 1 fast pitch softball

No membership or reservations needed!


  • 16 pitches per token

  • 1-11 rounds: $2 per token

  • 12 or more rounds: $1.75 per token

  • Hitters Card: $60 for 40 rounds ($1.50 per token)

    • Maximum 20 tokens per visit with Hitters Card

  • Military Discount Hitters Card: $50 for 40 rounds (Must show military ID)

  • Team/Group Cage Rental: $35 for 30 min. $55 for 1 hour.

    • Mudville access included with hour rental

    • Groups of 6 or more

Helmets and bats are available for FREE if you need them.

Check out our bullseye targets! We award prizes if you are able to hit a ball through the hole!

Play Home Run Derby

Our version of Home Run Derby is separated into the following age divisions: 12 & Under, 13-17, and Adult. Pick up a scorecard at the front counter. It's FREE to play!


  1. Only count 12 pitches per round for total score

  2. Ball must hit back net on the fly

  3. Ball cannot hit sides, top, or ground first

  4. Ball can skip off of pitching machine roof first

  5. Score must be kept by witness


  • Black/Bottom = 1

  • Yellow/Middle = 3

  • Red/Top = 5

  • Metal Target = 15

  • Bullseye = 25

  • Last ball = "Money Ball" worth Double Points